• Avoid Eye Contact

  • The Appointment

  • Opening Night

  • Nocturnal Man

  • We Touch

  • The Loud Silence


Artist's Statement- Peter Hyatt

An exhibition of photographic art for The Other Art Fair.

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‘….beautiful, poignant & apocalyptic. Stunning.’

-Viva Sali, artist


‘A great collection of work....seems to sit in that art tradition of Edward Hopper, Jeffrey Smart through John Brack ...being a meditation of our 'selves'.

 The 'selves' are represented in your work by bodies, lodged in an urban landscape interpreted as deceitful, illusionistic, all encompassing...all those operatic themes.’

 -David Luck, Architect


‘Incandescent’ is amazing.

 -Catherine Hunter, film producer

The images provide the basis for my limited edition prints (20 of each) from 'Incandescent' produced especially for The Other Art Fair, Sydney, 2016.