Pole Dancer

Posted on March 03, 2014 by Peter Hyatt | 0 Comments

The Fairhaven Pole House on Victoria's Great Ocean Road is a landmark structure in any language. Politically incorrect in almost every way, it is the triumph of audacity over courtly good manners. It's the  structural exclamation mark with a grin. In some people's eyes its rude and crude. For others its a refreshing rule breaker. We leave today to photograph this iconic house on a pole and hope to return with some defining images. It has been photographed ever since construction in the mid-1970s when it emerged as a stunning climax on a difficult, 'un-buildable' site. Born again with more glass and less concrete the renovation now fully capitalises on a peerless vantage point.

The Pole House is a rule-breaker that polarizes opinion. Love or hate it, the house is a breathtaker. Once the semi-enclosed model of suburbia on a stick, the new version is the transparent pavilion with schtick. It's the one-time brick veneer, now fishbowl, on a pedestal. Forget privacy, here is the extroverted, breeze-catching sunbaker on display to the whole world like never before. 



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