Knocking Down the Walls

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Exhibiting art-work requires self-belief and a willingness to pitch work in the belief that it will find an appreciative audience.  Is it exhibitionism, or a willingness to exhibit? There's a world of difference, but in the end, the work must speak for itself, illuminated and possibly illuminating. These are fascinating times of unparalleled change. Forget the Industrial Revolution, the Cyber Revolution makes the former appear as a time of stasis, or standing still.

Riding the wave of change are businesses large and small around the world hanging out their 'shingles' in cyber-space. On-line art galleries are booming and are a big part of a cultural expansion that means the  gate-keepers who decided what we get to see - or don't - just aren't that relevant any more. Suddenly the doors aren't simply swung open, whole walls have come crashing down. And allowed us an art fair on an unprecedented scale.

Suddenly cyber art is just the click of a button away.The fact that anyone and everyone has a voice via the multitude of channels from Youtube to Facebook is exciting, but it still demands disciplined written and visual communication.Keeping it real and valuing authenticity is a good cue for everyone who hangs out their shingle in cyber space. Staying real and staying true to your art is an old-fashioned virtue even in the most modern of times.


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