The Great Beauty

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Paolo Sorrentini's cinematic masterwork is enough to make me despair much less with envy than admiration. It connects us with the psyche of Rome. Not even a passing storm and leaking roof during the film's screening broke this film's spell. Sorrentini reminds us of an enriched alternative to the cliched tourist view. His film is never travelogue so much as study of human frailty and decadence. Compared to Scorcese's Wolf of Wall Street, Sorrentini delves into another dimension. It is boisterous, bold and nuanced, bordering on parody at times. And yet most of us care about the protagonist's fading future as much as his faded past. It's  film-making on a grand scale without pretence, or grandiosity. Decay, memory and longing all inform the restless narrative that underlines stunning detail and epic backdrop. The soundtrack that includes Water From The Same Source and The Beatitudes transports us too. No-one bolted from the cinema when the credits rolled. We all remained transfixed by the director's art of sublimely moving pictures. 

Great films, music and art stir that deep within us. It's the ambition to express the unique strand of who we and what we see that  makes Sorrentini's vision so significant. He's our culture dose for quite some time and inspiration enough to drive us on to make better images and better films. It's not a complete blog without this postscript image of my daughter Sunday and our newest family addition - Nelson. Two more beauties.


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