Sex and The City

Posted on April 06, 2014 by Peter Hyatt | 0 Comments

Self-promotion is an art-form all of its own. As with art itself the very subject can be extraordinarily subjective. What may seem modest or unassuming to one person can appear vomit-inducing braggadocio to another. It's always preferable if others sing your praises and even then anything too loud can appear mightily contrived. In the end the work itself must be eloquent and articulate enough to convince on its own merits. A string of awards or gallery representation might reassure those who require such reassurance that their investment will stand the test of time. All good art, literature and music reaches that core deep within us. Good art can have an effect similar to a stone skipping across a glittering autumn pond. That sort of image can burn nicely into the retinas of our memory too. We bring no loud-hailer and no billboard such as the image above titled Welcome Home to tout our art. This love-song to eros is a quaint initiation for first-time visitors to the city. A new take on Marvellous Melbourne. It's one of the most recent images we've added to our gallery. Art that speaks of a private moment is one thing, art that speaks of a very public place in time can also be a private moment photographed to become public once more. Welcome to this and other gallery additions - all without a brass band in sight.

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