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Every few months appears to produce a finale of The Block. In truth there are two a year and the program is now in its 11th year. It's a remarkable feat in an industry with such a high rate of attrition. One of the steady and often inspired hands behind the program is the series architect Julian Brenchley. While individuals and teams fight to the death for the best design, it's Brenchley's role to help locate and mastermind the buildings with the potential to provide the fascinating and functional background for each series.

We have just finished shooting The Block for Vision magazine and interviewing Julian about the trials and tribulations of his role.

It wasn't an easy shoot. Especially as we had to follow in the footsteps of auction crowds. There was plenty of cleaning up and re-arranging furniture and wiping down of benches to return rooms to something that vaguely resembled what was presented to the three judges in each episode. We were given about a half day to shoot six apartments plus exteriors plus general spaces. Plus make each apartment appear as if a genie had magically prepared every room for our visit and to position the sun, just so.

In the end Jenny and I did okay. I think we made it appear easy, or at least easier than it was. Photographing on the fly requires everything to work for you. The Gods need to be smiling and on that day they were and so we were able to capture some strong views of another project overseen by the accomplished Mr.Brenchley and his team. In many ways his is one of the program's quiet achievers. Writing this blog and the interview in Vision magazine means he is a little more conspicuous. So, here's the issue of Vision magazine. It's a publication we started in 2002, just one year before The Block. We hope you enjoy it:




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