On visiting Japan

Posted on February 02, 2015 by Peter Hyatt | 0 Comments

In case it isn't entirely obvious by the New Work we've just loaded in hyattgallery, yes, we have just visited Japan. There's more to come of course but this is a start and drawn from a broad landscape and climatic extremes. Japan is one of my favourite places of all times. It's as much a mono-culture as just about any country and this should qualify it as one of the least appealing places to live or visit, but the reverse holds true. It's outstanding on so many levels. It doesn't pretend to be perfect but it's a country of quiet, often profound application. We loved the generosity of its people too. And consideration for each other especially evident in bustling cities where people typically arc up with their neighbours.

Photography of such a place deserves all of the respect we could muster and so our images of winter snow to the sharp light of Tokyo is a result of love and respect rather than any other impulse. Our travels took us to Tokyo, Kyoto and Hokkaido amongst others and everywhere were hugely impressed by the attention to detail in all aspects of living from public transport to food presentation. All delivered with pride and humility. Talking of details we've included selective views of a 1940s Buick with a pair of rear parcel shelf bespoke beauties that seems to capture a post-war era of huge optimism and future possibilities. And maybe that's a good note on which to conclude. Optimism and wonder are wonderful antidotes in a world of increasing cynicism.   


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