Viva la Revolution

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The internet revolution is the biggest revolution in human history. As photographers (and writers) like almost everyone else on the planet, we're enjoying the ride immensely. Has the planet ever been more accessible? It's a revolution that allows our work to travel vast distances and to be viewed by those who would otherwise never have the chance.

Likewise most of us are that much better informed thanks to the gargantuan library that's as big as our computers. Despite the temptation to believe we can all remain tethered to our computers on some virtual life support system, the reality is that we all need to get out there and connect with the real world.

Our work demands regular travel and, armed with I-Phones and computers, we get to experience the best of both worlds. In the process of making a living with our fine art photographic images we produce corporate communications including Vision a magazine for Viridian that we helped to launch almost a decade ago.

Now the magazine has gone digital and is all the better for it. We sought out Nexus Designs, one of Australia's  exciting and holistic design practices to join us on the journey of reaching out to a global audience. We're pleased we did because the Nexus imprint takes the magazine to another level.

You can check out the first electronic issue of Vision on:

You can subscribe to Vision by visiting Viridian at:

Likewise you can discover Nexus at:

Viva la revolution!


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