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I recall working at BHP House in the days when it lived at 140 William Street Melbourne. Management rotated  work by many of Australia's leading artists. Sidney Nolan's series Paradise Garden now on show at Melbourne Art Centre is the same one BHP exhibited for the pleasure of public and staff alike. The company's own collection was formidable enough, but we regularly enjoyed work by Fred Williams, Lloyd Rees, John Coburn or Brett Whitely on the foyer wall. 

I was reminded of the pleasures of corporate art last week when I returned to see a series of my fine art images in the boardroom for the Australian headquarters of the American International Group (AIG) based at Melbourne's Docklands.

We worked closely with the client group to select images that spoke of Australia and provided an interpretation of landscape. In many ways my work grapples with concerns similar to those of the great artists whose work I so much admire. And it is celebratory without using many of the cliched props to establish a sense of place. 

Not only have we helped to curate images for AIG's boardroom, but numerous other meeting rooms at the firm's recently opened head office. The good news is that the images have received such a response that we have been asked to produce more fine art canvas prints for AIG's Sydney and Perth offices. It's a task we look forward to enormously. Creating images that stimulate, calm, invite curiosity and intrigue is one of the great privileges and pleasures we experience as fine art photographers. I'm often reminded that our fragments of time, space and place are so specific, and yet universal. 




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