The Last Days of Summer

Posted on July 03, 2019 by Peter Hyatt | 0 Comments

My first solo art exhibition is off and running at fortyfivedownstairs in Melbounre's Flinders Lane. It's a brilliant space as galleries go. Really generous and just right for my 21 artworks. 

The exhibition runs from July 2-27 and was officially opened last night by arts broadcaster and notable Mary-Lou Jelbart. I received tremendous feedback from numerous artists who attended. 

My work is derived mainly from digital photography and manipulated to create a very painterly effect. While the technique is important it is really the ideas behind the images that is most critical. 

The show covers two main themes: over-tourism and the fleeting transitory nature of our lives. The images freeze-frame moments of loss, desire and ambition to create the haunting and melancholy. 

An artist friend Cate Longden emailed this morning with her observation of the show. It's distilled and, I like to think, to the point. Thankyou Cate ! :

"I loved the tension particularly in some works -  the sense of imminence.  There's a suggested sense of flux within images which are really quite still, 'frozen' moments.  They are theatrical and otherworldly but also very much of our world even though a hemisphere & age away with historic architecture.  Loved the depth of colour & the painterly-ness.  They're uneasy but beautiful.'

It is, I hope, a richly textured presentation accompanied by prose and poetry I have written specifically for the art.

Hopefully visitors to the show will be able to overlay their own experiences and feel the same intense sense of 'moment' I have had in creating the work.

Hope to see you there!!



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