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We recently attended the launch of the six part Altruman mini-series out on ABC's IView. An unlikely hero by any reckoning, Altruman is the new-age go-to guy. Our protagonist is blessed (or cursed) with an urge for charity and torn from our very first encounter.

Co-written, co-directed and produced by the very talented Robin Geradt's-Gill, the series is bound (no pun intended) to leap up the ratings chart. It's charming, witty, whimsical and poignant. Not bad credentials for a comedy drama where the hero is forced to wrestle with acts of selfless generosity while more often in need of help himself.

Robin (the writer, not Batman's sidekick) worked closely with us on our 1Bligh, 111 Eagle St. and 8Chifley documentaries and is now leaping tall buildings all on his own with this series. His collaborators aren't slouches either and together they have created an entirely new superhero quite unlike most of the two-dimensional Hollywood variety.

As the promo for this series could have said: "You'll laugh, you'll cry, but super-heroes will never seem the same after Altruman". Watch and enjoy.

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