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Literal versus abstraction is an interesting argument for photographers and art buyers. There's various terminology that says the same thing, but let's keep it plain and simple. Literal can be great, abstract can be better. A straightforward portrait can be fabulous but just as you're about to pack up your gear and move on, you notice a reflection of your 'sitter' in a wall mirror, or bench top. Grab the camera and fire off another shot for safe-keeping. Sometimes it's the one that counts. I was reminded of this while photographing a new building this week. It had its own wonderful abstraction, but when I noticed a pond nearby I was able to heighten the effect with a very nice reflection. It adds a Dali-esque touch to an otherwise quite literal scene. Which is better? Each tells  a different story. In the end it's your view that matters when you 'walk' through HyattGallery.

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