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Opening our photographic online gallery is exciting. It’s about running a successful business. Yet it’s deeper than that. It’s also about a desire to create intriguing, beautiful and compelling images that are available as art online. Our recent pop-up launch at Melbourne’s hip Postal Hall Café is a chance to hold a mirror up to the city we love. In this exhibition of art prints on canvas we have photographs of Melbourneincluding black and white prints.

Photography is rapidly emerging as a legitimate art form. It is an extraordinary art of sharing and connecting ideas. It’s the merging of imaginations. And feelings - ours and yours. As the great Ansel Adams said:

“You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved."  

It’s the sum total of who we are. We all experience life differently. Photography as fine art helps us appreciate the world. It takes us on small trips and large journeys. It encourages our minds to travel, even if the subject is an abstract photograph. It can be the macro  world beneath a frail leaf, or panorama of a gorgeous landscape. Yet the light-beam we observe falling on a vase can be every bit as poignant, or exhilarating, as the illuminated valley.

My photographer partner Jennifer and I often work on projects together and only later do we discover just how differently we have photographed exactly the same subject. It’s revealing to see the huge difference created by the slightest variation of viewpoint, or lens. But it’s always about how we see.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone, but I’m always reminded of the difference such a seemingly imperceptible shift can make. It’s another reason why photography  fascinates. There is no perfect moment or place, but there are great places and moments of serendipity.

Opening the online photographic gallery and exhibiting at The Postal Hall is a real buzz. I’d like to say it’s ‘awesome’ but that description has already been utterly worked over and exhausted. But it’s how I feel about launching this artistic enterprise. It’s incredibly liberating to work on photographic projects of our own making. Giving a face and voice to highly personal work means our obsessions can become the pleasure of others.

Welcome to our online photographic gallery. If you enjoy the experience leave your feedback and tell your friends to visit.


















































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