The Other Art Fair

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An exhibition of photographic art by Peter Hyatt for The Other Art Fair.

 If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company.” 
- Jean Paul Sartre

 ‘Incandescent’ explores the city as dark carnival.

High-voltage points of light and shadow are transformative windows-to-the-world. Veiled mosaics imbue his subjects with a specific energy and ‘voice’.

Isolation and ‘alone-ness’ contrast their busy urban context.

My experience as an architectural photographer helps explore the human condition and anonymity in an over-stimulated, often overwhelming world.

Technique and a vivid colour palette brings daily life into a dreamlike focus of psychedelic intensity.

It requires a building devoid of people in ‘Embrace’ and trees with connecting limbs, like outstretched hands in ‘We Touch’, to consummate the yearning to belong.

Themes of alone-ness, anonymity and anxiety carry through the daily theatre of the bustling city. ‘Incandescent’ signals a major transition from commercial photography to fine art imagery.

The 15 images from Incandescent were produced especially for The Other Art Fair, 2016.



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