In Praise of the Everyday

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Great photography is often associated with the exotic and far-flung location. It helps for sure to capture the epic landscape, cascading frozen waterfall, (or both). We all like to be transported free of charge and without any effort to a place as much a test of endurance as the trained eye. One of the aims of hyattgallery is to capture the commonplace and exotic. Perhaps we try to show that these need not be mutually exclusive and that they really can co-exist. Very often the extraordinary exists in the ordinary and we are reminded of this when certain artists point the way with a fresh perspective or insight into the world around us.

We're often reminded of the need to remain fresh and open to the opportunities in the everyday and commonplace. We can't all be on some journey working our way along the ridge-lines of Tibet, or sands of Timbuktu. We have to work with the opportunities that present themselves and even then these may not be all that obvious.

I've just finished reading a novel titled A Paris Wife by Paula McLain. It's the story of Ernest Hemingway's first marriage and life in Paris during the early 1920s. Hemingway struggled to find his voice and his vocation. He battled on until publishers began to find that 'honest and true' writing that became his highly legible signature. Hemingway found the exotic in bullfighting to perfect his writing as reportage.

And that was enough. He was on his own perilous, hard-drinking, carousing way to public fame and private oblivion. Hemingway used to say a good writer required a built-in shock-proof shit detector. It's a golden rule when searching for art, as maker, or buyer.



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