Blue Moderne

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Peter Hyatt | 0 Comments

Abstraction and ambiguity often go hand in hand which is why this image that celebrates angularity also conveys an organic quality. Swimming pool images often lead me back to David Hockney who so powerfully captured magic in the mundane. Water is the constantly moving landscape and surface of shifting tension and yet here, in the tranquillity of a tropical pool the steps are either rising or falling, depending upon your take of the scene. In one way it's another interpretation of the glass half-full versus half-empty argument. And there's a Rothko-esque quality to Blue-Moderne that occurred to me after the event. Similarity in the appearances  of art isn't necessarily the grand rip-off. Humans often share similar responses to shape, colour, pattern, texture and line. I would hope Rothko would see Blue Moderne much less as 'under the influence' than a shared keen eye. Besides, whose to say how much a cubist master such as Georges Braque influenced Rothko's embrace of the muscular feminine? 

You can see Blue Moderne under New Work and Abstract. We hope you enjoy its purity of form and perhaps, above all else, tranquillity. 

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