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Each month when we're not shooting images for our fine art gallery, we're working as photographers and film-makers on a wide range of projects. This takes us to some interesting parts of the world. On these travels we're constantly on the lookout for subjects that help fuel and refine our way of seeing the world. Photography is a tough gig given the avalanche of images out there on the web. It's not something to fear, but rather celebrate. The trick is in being able to tease out the diamonds from the dust. 

And it's the same with architecture. What poses as the latest and best is often no more than a scrambled egg. Unfortunately this is all to common. The e-magazine we write and photograph for Viridian, the glass manufacturer, celebrates some of Australia's very best architecture. Much of it is the small 'a' variety that does it's job with a wonderful economy of line and to beautiful effect. Two examples are in the latest edition of Vision and can be viewed at this link:

Lindsay and Kerry Clare's Granny Flat at Burleigh Heads, Queensland is the lead story and an example of blending elements of Scandinavia and Japan design with their own quintessentially Australian response to place. We hope you take the time to visit their work. And ours.





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