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Photographing the apartments designed for this year's renovation series The Block was a test all of its own. No-one wants to be seen as the person who drops the relay baton. The seductive nature of television and moving image, the personal dramas and ramped up tension were utterly absent from our photographic visit a few weeks ago. Located in O'Grady St. Albert Park Melbourne, the apartments were eerily un-lived in for our shoot in between their televised auction result and occupancy by the new owners. 

The scenes of chaotic construction and furnishing were done, the frantic bidding that set price records done and dusted. Our photography coincided with an interview I had with Sydney architect Julian Brenchley whose quiet, but incredibly important, behind-the-scenes work is relatively unknown. Brenchley has been a consultant architect with The Block from the outset in 2003, helping select suitable properties, mapping optimum development strategies, sorting planning permits and dealing with authorities at least six months before each series goes to air. 

The apartments all reflected Brenchley's clever steel superstructure  inserted into the one-time silent film theatre and Mushroom record headquarters. Our photography of the apartments in captured in the latest issue of Vision magazine which covers all four apartments.

Vision can be viewed by clicking on this link:




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