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The latest issue of Vision is out  and it's a production of which we're very proud. It's another example of why on-line magazines are leaving many of their print cousins in the dust. Most of us love the tactile feel of the printed magazine, but for sheer convenience and ability to tell a visual story, the e-magazine is a fantastic medium.

I remember launching another highly respected industry magazine - Steel Profile - way back in the early 1980s. I had problems with the marketing department of what was then known as BHP Steel who could only see the short term and wanted it titled euphorically Super Steel. They just didn't quite get the slow, long burn, idea. Anyway, I persisted and won and then they won too because more than 30 years later it's still going strong as a contributor to Australia's design landscape.

I kick-started Vision in 2002 on a similar premise as a print production. A little over a year ago Viridian agreed to better embrace the age of the internet and initiated an online version of Vision. Almost 12 months on and it's demonstrating how great products and great design can go hand in hand. We've had the privilege of being there to capture and review a diverse range of Australian design and to work with Nexus Designs to produce an e-magazine that goes well beyond the ordinary - in our humble opinion - and which celebrates big ideas in all shapes and sizes.

You can subscribe at no cost, or simply check it out at:  




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Viva la Revolution

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The internet revolution is the biggest revolution in human history. As photographers (and writers) like almost everyone else on the planet, we're enjoying the ride immensely. Has the planet ever been more accessible? It's a revolution that allows our work to travel vast distances and to be viewed by those who would otherwise never have the chance.

Likewise most of us are that much better informed thanks to the gargantuan library that's as big as our computers. Despite the temptation to believe we can all remain tethered to our computers on some virtual life support system, the reality is that we all need to get out there and connect with the real world.

Our work demands regular travel and, armed with I-Phones and computers, we get to experience the best of both worlds. In the process of making a living with our fine art photographic images we produce corporate communications including Vision a magazine for Viridian that we helped to launch almost a decade ago.

Now the magazine has gone digital and is all the better for it. We sought out Nexus Designs, one of Australia's  exciting and holistic design practices to join us on the journey of reaching out to a global audience. We're pleased we did because the Nexus imprint takes the magazine to another level.

You can check out the first electronic issue of Vision on:

You can subscribe to Vision by visiting Viridian at:

Likewise you can discover Nexus at:

Viva la revolution!


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