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It is a thrill to have one of my portraits of the great Australian sculptor Clem Meadmore acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

The image of Meadmore dates from 2002 during a visit to Australia and I was writing/photographing a piece for the arts magazine InDesign. The image recurred to me again when I visited a recent Meadmore Retrospective at Melbourne University's Potter Gallery. I really felt my image was a seminal one of the sculptor and so I presented it to the Canberra Portrait Gallery curators who thankfully agreed with my view that it captures Meadmore well. 

Standing in front of his heroic sculpture 'Awakening' on the AMP forecourt in William St. Melbourne, Meadmore is virtually enveloped in the Corten steel wings and under the 'halo' like centre of the work.

AMP lost interest in the masterwork by Meadmore and by 2008 had it consigned for scrap metal before the Besen family presciently saved and poetically reinstated the work at their Tarawarra estate in Melbourne's Yarra Valley.

It was a lovely end for the sculpture and finally a fine resting place for my image of Clem now to be finally seen by a broad audience.

A good piece of good news for me as I embark on my first solo art show this week at Melbourne's fabulous fortyfivedownstairs Gallery in Flinders Lane.

I hope visitors enjoy the work I have put into this show of over 12 months in the making. Hope to see you there.


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In Praise of Place

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I wanted a suitably poetic title for the story we prepared on Sydney architect Matthew Woodward and his sublime pavilion Wirra Willa at Somersby NSW. In Praise of Place has a Walt Whitman reverence for the natural world and so there it is.

Vision is a wonderful vehicle to transport the story of some great architecture in glass and we're privileged to be entrusted with the opportunity to tell those stories through photographs and words. 

The latest edition of Vision is now available and a showcase of this really beautiful location and one architect's response. Unlike so much of the built environment, the Wirra Willa pavilion is a crystalline example of subtraction rather than hefty addition. 

We hope the same striving for beautiful quality images available though hyattgallery is reflected in all aspects of this publication sponsored by Viridian glass:




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