Prima Donna

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As promised in our most recent blog, our trip to Fairhaven Beach produced a few gems.The weather that appeared so promising turned dreary for out arrival. What to do? Houses need special light to be at their best. Well, that wasn't our luck. Blue fell to grey.

But the sun shines in other ways, A lone para-sailer caught the breeze and dropped by during our shoot. It took some fancy footwork to grab the moment but the resulting image highlights the original design by Frank Dixon and so deftly upgraded by Frank Fiorentini of F2 Architecture.

Sharp-shooting is only part of it. Long hours and perseverance paid off. Sunlight greeted our cameras the following morning and rounded out a special trip to a remarkable property and location.

Vision magazine will be available shortly. When it is we will post the link.


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Pole Dancer

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The Fairhaven Pole House on Victoria's Great Ocean Road is a landmark structure in any language. Politically incorrect in almost every way, it is the triumph of audacity over courtly good manners. It's the  structural exclamation mark with a grin. In some people's eyes its rude and crude. For others its a refreshing rule breaker. We leave today to photograph this iconic house on a pole and hope to return with some defining images. It has been photographed ever since construction in the mid-1970s when it emerged as a stunning climax on a difficult, 'un-buildable' site. Born again with more glass and less concrete the renovation now fully capitalises on a peerless vantage point.

The Pole House is a rule-breaker that polarizes opinion. Love or hate it, the house is a breathtaker. Once the semi-enclosed model of suburbia on a stick, the new version is the transparent pavilion with schtick. It's the one-time brick veneer, now fishbowl, on a pedestal. Forget privacy, here is the extroverted, breeze-catching sunbaker on display to the whole world like never before. 



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