Pretty vs. Gritty

Posted on April 22, 2014 by Peter Hyatt | 0 Comments


An exciting aspect of an online photographic gallery is the birth of new work. Art shouldn't be a conveyor belt of new 'products' happily added each week without full consideration of the effect on the 'exhibition' of existing work. As working photographers, Jenny and I constantly look to refine, improve and build the standard of our images. There's no business model that says we need say, more portraits, or landscapes, to satisfy demand. Images either make the cut, or miss. Ernest Hemingway was fond of saying that a good writer has a built in shockproof shit-detector. Our image selection and editing, processing, cataloguing and curating all get the Hemingway treatment. 

Typically it's new work that motivates us to strive harder; to achieve fresh perspectives of the commonplace and everyday. This can be every bit as gratifying as working in an exotic location where nature does all of the heavy lifting. Photographic horizons are forever expanding just as art buyers' tastes change. Some prefer pretty, others want gritty. Either way it's a highly subjective business but one made easier by hard editing and that clarifying filter that sorts the A-grade image from lesser ones. In the end artistic creation and purchasing should be much less about committees and repeated consultation, than the collaborative, or solo judgement. 


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