Rockpools Magic

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Some of our most popular recent gallery images resulted while photographing a coastal house designed by the talented Sydney architect Alex Symes. Shooting at Austinmer some 60 kms. south of Sydney, we noticed some weather and sea ravaged rock-pools. They shimmered in the daylight and became phosphorescent at dusk.

 Photography often involves experimentation. That should be a given. Sometimes you fail but, as we know, better to try and fail, than fail to try. Luckily our attempt appears to have succeeded.

 Our rock-pool views are among the most popular of our recent images with the leading insurance group AIG amongst the first in the queue for its new office fitout. The photographs were chosen amongst a group of views that exude serenity and calm – an antidote no doubt to the visual agitation and anxiety of the modern world.

 While our original purpose was to take great photographs of Alex Symes’ wonderful house, there was the bonus of capturing this largely forgotten part of coastline and beach culture. One of the great pleasures of photography is to share experiences, impressions and horizons.

 A link to our photography of the wonderful Austinmer House will be posted on our blog in the next few days. Stay tuned!

The first of our series featured is Horizon, Pompeii, Blue and Gold and the suitably titled Rockpools. 



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