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Every photographic trip is an adventure into the unknown. So many things that can go right, so many things that can go belly up. Organization and pre-planning help. Being prepared, to borrow the Boy Scout’s maxim works most of the time.

Our travel to NSW this week took us to the magnificent Hawksbury River  north of Sydney, south-east to Palm Beach, south to Waverton on Sydney’s North Shore and then across to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. Plenty of driving in a short space of time and always with one eye on the weather.

Three stunning houses and a Scenic World later we arrived back in Melbourne with our camera cards begging for mercy. Well, not quite, but downloading so many images induces memory strain and performance lag in most computers.

One of the pleasures of such travel is the experience of seeing so many new places and meeting generous, interesting people. Entering the homes and hearing about the lives of those whose houses we are photographing is a privilege and pleasure we greatly respect. We never take it for granted and never tire of being curious or the experience of working a project from the full three dimensions to capture that essential moment and image.

Not every trip measures up of course. The best travel stories always skirt with misfortune – lost luggage or the Peter Seller’s moment when you step back too far and take your camera into a swimming pool. I’ve gone close.

Sitting on the deck of Sydney architect Rory Brook’s Hawksbury River House after a solid day’s shooting and watching the light fall is nice. So is the sublime vista from Shahe Simeoni’s Palm Beach residence and Arcadian, cliff side house designed by Richard Cole at Waverton. All inspirational in their own way and truly special places to share the moment of special company. 

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