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Posted on October 25, 2016 by Peter Hyatt | 0 Comments

Producing a new fine-art collection is a form of running the gauntlet. What will the neighbours think etc.

Connecting with a few people whose opinions I greatly respect has been extremely gratifying. I've included feedback from a number of people highly regarded in their fields.

Here's three comments on the work:

‘….beautiful, poignant & apocalyptic. Stunning.’

 -Viva Sali, artist


 ‘A great collection of work....seems to sit in that art tradition of Edward Hopper, Jeffrey Smart through John Brack ...being a meditation of our 'selves'.

 The 'selves' are represented in your work by bodies, lodged in an urban landscape interpreted as deceitful, illusionistic, all encompassing...all those operatic themes.’

 -David Luck, Architect


 ‘Incandescent’ is amazing.

 -Catherine Hunter, film producer



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