The Block (The Octagon)

Posted on November 26, 2015 by Peter Hyatt | 0 Comments

Channel Nine's The Block rates its head off and we have been fortunate enough to cover the program now for the past three seasons. The Octagon building Melbourne's South Yarra gave us the chance to cover the project for architect Julian Brenchley and Viridian's design flagship - the e-magazine Vision we have been instrumental in re-launching. You can view some of the Octagon's very best work on this link to the November issue of Vision. It features an interview with Julian Brenchley about The Block. And Jenny and I have the pleasure of not only discussing the project in depth with Julian, but photographing and filming the project. All in all we bring our art to the process of complementing the extraordinary effort that goes into making The Block one of Australian television's absolute success stories. Here's Vision. We hope you enjoy our magazine and film interpretation of The Octagon:

All back issues are included on this link to visit previous Block specials and a range of outstanding Australian architecture.

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