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We love Vision magazine. It's an interview based e-magazine driven by great ideas that tracks the work of some of Australia's best architects. The latest issue (link below) visits Craig Rossetti's house in Melbourne - yes the architect's own home. A tough challenge at any time, but Rossetti has performed admirably with a stepped, lightweight roof constructed from refrigeration panels. And it has a 'wow' window as wall to the north among its star attractions. And while we're on the subject of design inspired by the crackled glazing on pottery, check out BCM's eccentric, highly accomplished, headquarters in Ballarat. A modern-day design gold rush in one stellar building. Visit via Vision and we hope you enjoy.

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Vision Magazine

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Vision magazine is an online e-mag. we do each month for our friends at Viridian (the glass people!).

We get the chance to review and photograph some brilliant work. Here's the latest issue plus a link to all back issues. We hope you will agree there is wonderful work featured here.

Simply click on this link to view:













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Cardinia Shire Offices

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Photographic assignments frequently require travel - in this instance to the outskirts of our hometown of Melbourne.  Architectural photography demands the distillation of form and function, ideally in the least number of images. This was our aim while covering Cardinia Shire's new council offices adjacent to the aptly named Officer railway station.

The magazine says most of our view about a thoughtfully conceived project rather than the more customary office park box most people love to hate.

The latest issue of Vision magazine - - illustrates why these new offices by DesignInc. are special. We demonstrate in pictures and words how daylight serves to dramatically lessen the artificiality of the typical office project. As the legendary architect Sir Norman Foster observed: 'Daylight is the great informer.' For a photographer, this observation holds equally. 


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Clare Design

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Each month when we're not shooting images for our fine art gallery, we're working as photographers and film-makers on a wide range of projects. This takes us to some interesting parts of the world. On these travels we're constantly on the lookout for subjects that help fuel and refine our way of seeing the world. Photography is a tough gig given the avalanche of images out there on the web. It's not something to fear, but rather celebrate. The trick is in being able to tease out the diamonds from the dust. 

And it's the same with architecture. What poses as the latest and best is often no more than a scrambled egg. Unfortunately this is all to common. The e-magazine we write and photograph for Viridian, the glass manufacturer, celebrates some of Australia's very best architecture. Much of it is the small 'a' variety that does it's job with a wonderful economy of line and to beautiful effect. Two examples are in the latest edition of Vision and can be viewed at this link:

Lindsay and Kerry Clare's Granny Flat at Burleigh Heads, Queensland is the lead story and an example of blending elements of Scandinavia and Japan design with their own quintessentially Australian response to place. We hope you take the time to visit their work. And ours.





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Long Blog, Short Blog

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Apologies if you felt the previous blog too long. I think it was justified and a huge thank-you to those who persevered, I hope you gained something from your investment of time. This week's subject is  short and to the point. It's an update in some ways and reminder that the latest issue of Vision is up and out there. It's linked to the past 14 issues and reveals something about how far the magazine has come in such a short time. All of the text and images in Vision is ours, except this time around we didn't make it to Lithgow in NSW and relied upon Tyrone Branigan's images. Thanks Tyrone. 

So here's the link to the September issue of Vision:




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In Praise of Place

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I wanted a suitably poetic title for the story we prepared on Sydney architect Matthew Woodward and his sublime pavilion Wirra Willa at Somersby NSW. In Praise of Place has a Walt Whitman reverence for the natural world and so there it is.

Vision is a wonderful vehicle to transport the story of some great architecture in glass and we're privileged to be entrusted with the opportunity to tell those stories through photographs and words. 

The latest edition of Vision is now available and a showcase of this really beautiful location and one architect's response. Unlike so much of the built environment, the Wirra Willa pavilion is a crystalline example of subtraction rather than hefty addition. 

We hope the same striving for beautiful quality images available though hyattgallery is reflected in all aspects of this publication sponsored by Viridian glass:




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Vision - The Big Idea

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The latest issue of Vision is out  and it's a production of which we're very proud. It's another example of why on-line magazines are leaving many of their print cousins in the dust. Most of us love the tactile feel of the printed magazine, but for sheer convenience and ability to tell a visual story, the e-magazine is a fantastic medium.

I remember launching another highly respected industry magazine - Steel Profile - way back in the early 1980s. I had problems with the marketing department of what was then known as BHP Steel who could only see the short term and wanted it titled euphorically Super Steel. They just didn't quite get the slow, long burn, idea. Anyway, I persisted and won and then they won too because more than 30 years later it's still going strong as a contributor to Australia's design landscape.

I kick-started Vision in 2002 on a similar premise as a print production. A little over a year ago Viridian agreed to better embrace the age of the internet and initiated an online version of Vision. Almost 12 months on and it's demonstrating how great products and great design can go hand in hand. We've had the privilege of being there to capture and review a diverse range of Australian design and to work with Nexus Designs to produce an e-magazine that goes well beyond the ordinary - in our humble opinion - and which celebrates big ideas in all shapes and sizes.

You can subscribe at no cost, or simply check it out at:  




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