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Well the title is a small white lie. Actually our visit to John Wardle's Fairhaven House led us to expect something very good. What we discovered was the exceptional. And the house isn't quite as we imagined set just back from the surf coast. It's sited well above the coast where  para-gliders regularly ply the prevailing winds that lick the cliff and carry them between Airey's Inlet and Eastern Beach.

The real phenomenon for us wasn't so much the floating craft variety but the astonishing craft John Wardle and his team have created. Mesmerising and beguiling in equal measure, Jenny and I were quickly won over by Australia's architecture practice of the moment. If the truth be told it's a position the practice has occupied for quite some time.

The full story and a wider selection of images will be available shortly through Vision magazine but in the meantime we wanted to sing his praises and feature some of the more oblique views of flight and furniture we discovered. 

It's the second Robin Boyd Award winning house of Wardles' we visited, photographed and reviewed and each one has been an absolute privilege. As photographers behind the fine art online gallery it's difficult to make bad work appear beautiful or compelling to the eye, but with Wardle, the hard work is done.

All we needed was to wait for the finishing touches to paint the sky here and there with parachute silk to complete the composition of the architect as artisan.


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