The Point of Pointilism

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I've long wondered how to represent aspects of the city in a way that seemed/felt original. This latest series of images is much less concerned with mega-sized files or huge capture chips. It's about the visual 'whisper' or veil. These images ask the viewer to peer into the granular qualities much like the work of the Pointillist masters of the 19th century. I have tried to imbue my images with a similar technique but rather here using a screen to act as a filter. These images also vary our perception depending upon the viewers' distance from the image. Close-up increases the abstraction. Stepping back clarifies the view. An intense colour spectrum with the digital paint-brush produces a contemporary take on an earlier idea and a unique perspective of everyday places, people and events. Stay tuned for further developments. 

Bowness Prize Short List

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Selection as a finalist in this year's William and Winifred Bowness Prize is a special recognition for all entrants. It's an award with a distinguished lineage beginning in 2006. 

Finalists work will be exhibited at the Monash Gallery, Waverley, September 1 - October 16 of this year. My entry image titled Gene Pool captures the ubiquitous smartphone as a piece of technology that has forever changed the world.

The jury of this year's award comprises film-maker Fred Schepisi AO and photographer John Gollings AM and MGA Director Kallie Blauhorn.


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Vision Magazine issue 32

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Vision Magazine

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We occupy an interesting niche within the Australian design media being responsible for all visual and written content of the monthly e-magazine Vision. We have just completed the 31st issue featuring Sydney's new lift at Barangaroo neatly dovetailed into place by WMK Architects. Melbourne Docklands' Community Hub also shines. Quality magazine content is crucial to connecting with our audience and it's an attitude we hope is reflected in project reviews, photography and film. The film component is available for viewing on our site. If you're not already a (free) subscriber to Vision please follow the link below. We're always on the lookout for cool projects that celebrate the beauty of glass underwritten with real design intelligence. If you know of work you believe measure ups, please keep us in the loop. In the meantime here's the link to the latest Vision (and all 30 back issues):

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Blue Moderne

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Abstraction and ambiguity often go hand in hand which is why this image that celebrates angularity also conveys an organic quality. Swimming pool images often lead me back to David Hockney who so powerfully captured magic in the mundane. Water is the constantly moving landscape and surface of shifting tension and yet here, in the tranquillity of a tropical pool the steps are either rising or falling, depending upon your take of the scene. In one way it's another interpretation of the glass half-full versus half-empty argument. And there's a Rothko-esque quality to Blue-Moderne that occurred to me after the event. Similarity in the appearances  of art isn't necessarily the grand rip-off. Humans often share similar responses to shape, colour, pattern, texture and line. I would hope Rothko would see Blue Moderne much less as 'under the influence' than a shared keen eye. Besides, whose to say how much a cubist master such as Georges Braque influenced Rothko's embrace of the muscular feminine? 

You can see Blue Moderne under New Work and Abstract. We hope you enjoy its purity of form and perhaps, above all else, tranquillity. 

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The Art of the 'Selfie'

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The 'selfie' phenomenon is as irresistible as inescapable. It's a fascinating study in human behaviour where we become actors on an improvised stage - Time Square, the Sydney Opera House, Grand Canyon ('just one further step backwards please' - only kidding!)  or, in this instance, Uluwatu, Bali. They're some of the big ones, but the stage and opportunities are virtually endless.

More than that the 'selfie' shooter is frequently oblivious to his or her surroundings and neighbours. It is this fascination, narcissism perhaps, that intrigues me. This study of the grand setting - a pool paradise pulls relentlessly to merge the self-portraitist with their setting. And here is the result of patience paying close attention to pool and smart-phone users merging seamlessly, shamelessly into what is hopefully a defining 'selfie'. 




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The Block (The Octagon)

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Channel Nine's The Block rates its head off and we have been fortunate enough to cover the program now for the past three seasons. The Octagon building Melbourne's South Yarra gave us the chance to cover the project for architect Julian Brenchley and Viridian's design flagship - the e-magazine Vision we have been instrumental in re-launching. You can view some of the Octagon's very best work on this link to the November issue of Vision. It features an interview with Julian Brenchley about The Block. And Jenny and I have the pleasure of not only discussing the project in depth with Julian, but photographing and filming the project. All in all we bring our art to the process of complementing the extraordinary effort that goes into making The Block one of Australian television's absolute success stories. Here's Vision. We hope you enjoy our magazine and film interpretation of The Octagon:

All back issues are included on this link to visit previous Block specials and a range of outstanding Australian architecture.

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