The Last Days Of Summer



The Last Days of Summer 

fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne July 2-27, 2019

Peter Hyatt reveals the world in tourism hyper-drive and as migratory phenomenon. This ‘off-the-charts’ social revolution is familiar, fantastical and confronting.

The proscenium arch represents lofty human ambition framing private desire. Luminous skies, phosphorescent seas and mysterious landscapes signal change as imminent and inevitable.

The artwork distills the arrival of tourism, its after-effect and hangover.

Human presence can be poetic or, increasingly, intrusive when commercialisation is king, sweeping all before it. 

The time-capsule images have a dream-like, sensual intimacy reflecting an urge to escape the ‘rat-race’ for the private haven.

The stage-set narrative also evokes the passage of youth to old age, vigour to decay, imagined and documentary.

As epochs rise and fall, so lives ebb and flow. The symbolic power and genius of the monumental magnifies the highly disruptive and intensely poetic.

Signed, unframed images are limited to an edition of 5 for each of two sizes.